Listing onboard airlines in the form of flyers, where direct sales take place, or pre-order catalogues which are mainly applicable to charter flights. Carefully selected products which are adapted to the different periods, and targeted towards the individual markets, are crucial for a successful business. To mention some of the aircraft companies we are working with;

SAS, Tui, British Airways, Iceland Air, Thomas Cook.


A large window to the world around us, and in particular an important partner when products are planned to be promoted to an international audience. Carefully selected products composed in a Travel Retail range gives the customer “brand” recognition and a manageable selection of the best selling products. To mention some of the airports we work with;

Copenhagen, Billund, Stockholm, Gardermoen and Tallinn.


Onboard most ships it is usually limted with space, but it does not do this segment less attractive. On the contrary, the ships sailing in the sea’s around us, has huge potential because millions of people annually cross the many different destinations, either in form of pure holiday onboard the major Cruise Lines,  business related events or transport from A to B. Carefully selected products are composed in a Travel Retail range, to fit into the seasons as well as carefully selected and adapted to the individual vessels destinations.

The domestic market

Completely depending on the product category we represent, retailers are chosen from our knowledge of the sector both within living, handicrafts, gifts and beauty products.